Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl

gossip_girl_s3What am I going to miss most about Gossip Girl? Where do I begin. There’s so much to love and miss about the show.

Dan successfully became one of the Upper East Siders, Blair and Chuck finally tied the knot after all the drama, Serena finally acepted herself, Nate became successful and Jack and Georgina were welcomed back into the circle.

For me, Serena and Dan are my favorite characters. Serena grew so much over the series and she also fell very far.

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My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 1

1. There Might Be Blood 
Season 2 Episode 9

Gossip_Girl_logo_1Jenny goes rouge and everyone but her father is impressed.

Why do I love this episode so much? Jenny’s going after her dream and Blair, Serena and Chuck are off on a mission.

Blair actually had one of her few moments where she did the right thing. She could have bribed Emma’s mother to get her way into Yale, but instead she does what’s right for Emma.

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Gossip Girl Final Season, The Last Goodbye

gossip-girl-gossip-girl-2024112-1024-768The story behind Gossip Girl is that it was a love story between Dan and Serena.

Dan Humphrey created Gossip Girl so he could write himself into the Upper East Side so he could get a chance at being with Serena. Does it get much better than that?

Chuck and Blair may have seemed like the love story in the show, but all this time it was Dan and Serena.

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My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 2

2. Gaslit
Season 4 Episode 10

gossip-girl-gossip-girl-2024112-1024-768The beginning of season four really made me mad, more specifically Juliette made me mad. Everything came to a head in this episode.

Everyone believed that Serena tried to kill herself or at least went on a bender. Dan was the only one who believed in her.

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My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 3

3. Bonfire of the Vanity
Season 2 Episode 10

gossip-girl-gossip-girl-2024112-1024-768This has to be one of my most watched episodes. I’m not even sure where to begin.

I guess I will start with Jenny. She’s going after her dreams and doing whatever it takes. She even considers emancipation in this episode. That is how determined she is. I like the Jenny story in this episode because not only is she fighting for her dreams but Agnus destroys all of her dresses. This is my favorite scene. Jenny has given up everything for her dream and in that moment it feels like it’s all for nothing.

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My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 4

4. The Wrong Goodbye
Season 4 Episode 22

gossip-girl-gossip-girl-2024112-1024-768Blair got her fairytale, even if that wasn’t truly what she wanted. She was going to marry a prince. We all knew this relationship was doomed, because Blair was and will always be in love with Chuck. But she got to live her fairytale for just a little bit.

In new episodes Dan says he wants to be one of them, but as this episode shows, he is one of them.

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Gossip Girl Final Season Episode 9

TV Show Poster

TV Show Poster

This time Bart Bass is really dead and is anyone upset? He tried to have his own son killed. I knew he was capable of that.

I’m not saying what Chuck did was right, watching his dad fall off the building, but he couldn’t beat him now that the evidence is destroyed. If Bart didn’t die, someone else was going to.

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