Andy Murray Through to US Open Final

Andy Murray does not know who he will face in the final yet. He defeated Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals at the Olympics and David Ferrer in the quater-finals at Wimbledon. aompop |

Andy Murray does not know who he will face in the final yet. He defeated Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals at the Olympics and David Ferrer in the quater-finals at Wimbledon. aompop |

Andy Murray battled the extremely windy conditions on Saturday to earn a place in his second US Open Final.

The wind was so bad that garbage, chairs, water bottles and hats were flying around on court.

“Brutal…. Hard to describe…. You had to focus for every single point…. You had to get yourself in the right position for every shot because the ball was sometimes stopping…moving the other way. The chairs were flying onto the court…. It was hard to serve…. Some of the hardest conditions I’ve ever played in,” Murray said in his post-match interview.

Murray earned the early break against Tomas Berdych in the first set.

In the fourth game of the set, Berdych earned a break point. On the point, Murray’s hat fell off, because of the wind. The point appeared to be going in favor of Murray, but Berdych argued that he got distracted by Murray’s hat.

Murray and Berdych got into a heated debate about the point. Murray agreed to re-play the point. Berdych went on to earn the break back.

From this point on the first set was an even match-up.

Murray served to for the first set.

Berdych earned the first point, 15-0. Murray screamed out in frustration when his ball went long.

Then Murray tied the game up, 15-all.

Berdych went up 30-15. Murray then hit his head a few times with an open palm.

Berdych earned himself a set point and then broke Murray to take the first set.

Murray opened up the second set strong, breaking Berdych in the first game.

Murray held on his serve for a 2-love lead.

Berdych then earned his first game of the set.

Murray went on to dominate the second set.

Berdych only won one more game.

The third set started out the same as the second. Murray won his first service game, then broke Berdych.

Murray went up 4-love before Berdych won a game.

Berdych was making so many errors he was only able to win one game in the third set.

Murray on the other hand, didn’t lose one point on his serve.

In the final game of the third set, Murray and Berdych went to deuce five times and Berdych saved four set points.

Murray went up 3-love in the fourth set, but this would be the end of his easy run.

Murray had gotten a handle on the wind, but Murray had the lead mainly because of Berdych’s errors.

Berdych began to take control of his game. In spite of the wind, he was able to serve five aces in the fourth set.

Berdych was going through the motions in the third set, but he was now back in the match.

Berdych won on his service game and then broke back for 2-3.

Berdych then held for 3-all.

Both players continued to win their service games and went to a tie-break.

Berdych took an early lead in the tie-break of 3-love. He then went to lead 5-2.

Murray fought back to 5-6 and saved a set point.

Then Murray earned a match point, but Berdych saved the point.

Murray then earned himself another match point. This time he was able to win and end the almost four hour match.

Murray will play his US Open final on Monday, because the other men’s semi-final was postponed till Sunday.

Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer didn’t even get to finish the first set in their match before the match was postponed, due to severe weather on its way.

The forecast called for strong thunder storms and a tornado watch.

Murray will have an extra day off to get ready for his opponent.

Tomas Berdych

Andy Murray


First Serve %






Double Faults






Unforced Errors



Break Points Won



Net Points Won


Match Time: 3h 58m

Tomas Berdych





Andy Murray





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