Murray With Emotional Loss, Federer With 7th Wimbledon Title

Andy Murray was very emotional as he received his runner-up trophy. Nowherexg0d |

Andy Murray was very emotional as he received his runner-up trophy. Nowherexg0d |

Andy Murray gave it his all, but it wasn’t enough to beat the legend Roger Federer.

The crowd never gave up on Murray.

In the last changeover of the match, the crowd was chanting Murray’s name. In between every point in the final game the crowd cheered him on.

There was bigger applause when Murray received his runner-up trophy than when Federer received his trophy.

Murray was in tears as he was giving his interview at the end. He thanked the crowed for their support.

“The people watching make it easy to play. The support’s been incredible,” Murray said.

This win for Federer makes it seven

Wimbledon titles and 17 grand slam titles. He also regains his number one ranking.

Roger Federer earns his number 1 ranking again. sportmil |

Roger Federer earns his number 1 ranking again. sportmil |

Federer said in his interview on winning 7 Wimbledon titles: “It equals me with Pete Sampras, who’s my hero, so it feels amazing.”

Murray came out strong in the first set. He broke Federer in the first game.

Murray won the first set of the match, making that his first set he’s won in any grand slam final.

Murray served to stay in the second set and made it 5-all.

Murray served again to stay in the set and to bring the set to a tie-break. Federer broke Murray for the set.

At 1-all and 40-love in the third set, play was suspended for rain.

When the players came back on court, Federer won a quick point and then Murray held on serve. Federer then also held on serve.

In the sixth game of the third set Murray went up 40-love before Federer brought the game to deuce. Murray fell really hard on his hip at the deuce point.

This was the game that seemed like it would never end. The game went to deuce ten times. Murray was just not able to close out the game and this was probably the turning point of the match.

Federer went on to win the set 6-3.

Murray never stopped fighting, but Federer was playing some of his best tennis of the tournament.

Murray was able to save a championship point.

Even with the loss, the crowd was still behind Murray and screamed “I love you Andy”, during the award ceremony.

Roger Federer

Andy Murray


First Serve %






Double Faults






Unforced Errors



Break Points Won



Net Points Won


Match Time: 3h 24m

Roger Federer





Andy Murray





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One Response to Murray With Emotional Loss, Federer With 7th Wimbledon Title

  1. Chris Ross says:

    A few things went right for Federer to be able to win this but he also had to do his part. It surprised me that he was able to do that. And by doing that I pretty much mean that he was able to take down Djokovic on grass. Federer has really been a treat to watch throughout his career and it’s amazing what he’s been able to do at 30. He deserves this Wimbledon title. Is he the greatest ever? So tough to say that when he’s had so much trouble against Nadal in his career. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog post because I really would love to know what you have to say

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