Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

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Meredith is ready for her boards while the others trail far behind. You would have thought that Christina would be the one that was ahead of the rest, but she’s been plagued with personal problems. Meredith is now passing on her wisdom to help the others.

It was funny seeing Mark as boss for a day. I wondered why Owen would leave Mark in charge and that’s because he didn’t. Mark just took it upon himself to take charge. He didn’t do too badly, but he took the job way too seriously.

Teddy is finally moving on, well not in the dating department, but at least with her life. Ladies night was a great idea. I just wish the ladies would have put more energy into it. Arizona was the only one that wanted to go through with plans for Teddy. At least Arizona and Callie have each other and Bailey has someone. They should be doing everything they can to make Teddy feel better. Not going off with their significant others and leaving her alone.

Christina and Owen were finally working through things. I completely understand where Christina was coming from, wanting to know how the cheating occurred. No matter how much it’s going to hurt, it’s better to know than be in the dark. I think it’s good that Owen moved out. Christina needs to concentrate on her boards. If Owen and her don’t work out she’s going to want to have her career to fall back on.

Not all of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy has signed on for season 9. The question remains who will be sticking around? There’s so many characters on this show that taking out a character or two might not make too much of a difference, but there are some central characters that the show can’t do without. Those characters may be different for everyone. We will have to wait and see who will sign on for season 9.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.


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One Response to Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

  1. ash says:

    If Meridith/Derek/Owen/Cristina leaves, I’m not watching it anymore

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